Visual Generosity

The principle governing my creative practice is visual generosity. I believe in providing a rich viewing experience that captivates and enthralls the viewer. My goal is to arrest the viewer with wonder and draw them near through curiosity. I want to slow the viewer down and slow down the entire art experience. Time is needed for imagery to penetrate the mind where connections are forged and significance of meaning can be derived.

I create intricate, highly detailed drawings using ballpoint pens on Mylar film. I employ modern techniques to explore the age-old theme of vanitas, the folly of man’s ego in the face of imminent mortality. Symbolic references to death and rebirth, decay and renewal are intertwined across a writhing tableau of undulating surfaces and shifting perspectives. The theme of vanitas invites contemplation and its relevance is enduring. 

- Gerry Bannan, 2016

Artist Statement